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Guest Lectures and Labs

The CGA offers curriculum support services.  We work primarily with professors and teaching fellows to integrate spatial concepts into their courses. Examples of courses supported by CGA are in the Course resume.  

If you envision a service that does not fit within our five core support services we'd love to hear about it by contacting us !

Curriculum Design: Our main educational goal at the CGA is to integrate new spatial reasoning curricula into existing Harvard courses. By developing new learning materials that deal with geospatial concepts, we can empower students to understand course content in important new ways.

Online Learning Tools: Spatial analysis techniques can be tedious to learn and to teach. At CGA we develop new online resources, including tutorials and tools that allow users to learn new geospatial skills on their own time, and at their own pace.

WorldMap TrainingWorldMap is an open source web mapping platform developed by the CGA. It is a technology designed to support scholars as well as the general public which fills a niche between heavyweight desktop mapping tools like ArcGIS and lightweight web tools such as Google Maps and Earth. Part of our educational outreach involves training people how to use WorldMap. We offer regular training sessions in WorldMap - check here for the latest schedule.

Customized Maps: CGA can create customized map displays for professors that need to explain complex geospatial phenomena in one image. Maps have the power to summarize extremely complex situations in one simple image. If your lecture or course packet needs a few beautiful customized maps to help you get your point across, we'd be glad to help you out!

Guest Lectures: If your course involves a geospatial or geographic component, we would be glad to work with you to provide lectures, demonstrations, or lab work to ensure that your students achieve your desired outcomes.