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Geographic Communication Today - ISMT E-155 (24313)

This course teaches the fundamental geographic, technological, and cartographic concepts required to produce informative, meaningful maps that illustrate geographic phenomena. By using a combination of Internet and desktop geographic information softwares, students perform geocoding, thematic mapping, web map mashing, and spatial analysis. Maps are generated from publicly available published and crowd-sourced data sets, and individual geographic data sets created from scratch. Student use Quantum GIS, Google Earth, ArcGIS, MyMaps,, and WorldMap to create and publish maps in various media formats including web maps, 3-D, and video. Understanding the nature of geographic data and how to best represent the data in mapped form is emphasized.

Course catalog title  ISMT E-155 (24313)
Instructor(s)  Jeff Blossom
Semester  Spring
Year  2016
Course category  Harvard Extension School
Semester Year  Spring 2016