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Fall 2017

Listed below are courses teaching GIS or using GIS as a core technology in an application discipline.  You may also search the Harvard Course Catalog for any courses that contain the keywords of 'GIS' or 'Map' in their descriptions.

GOV 1008 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Fall 2017
Instructor(s)  Jill Kelly

This courses teaches the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a collection of hardware and software tools that allow users to visualize and analyze geographic data in its spatial configuration. Students will learn the theory of geospatial analysis alongside practical methods for acquiring, manipulating, displaying, and analyzing cartographic data.    Listing in Harvard Course Catalog

VIS 2129 - Spatial Analysis and the Built Environment

Fall 2017
Instructor(s)  Andres Sevtsuk

Urban planners engage in many complex processes that defy easy representation. This course provides first-semester urban planning students with the graphic and technical skills needed to reason, design and communicate these processes with geospatial data.

HIST 1952 - Mapping History

Fall 2017
Instructor(s)  Kelly A. O'Neill

The history of maps and mapping from the age of Enlightenment to the era of GIS and GeoJSON. We will examine the way states and individuals have used maps to create ideas, shape policies, and generate political and cultural capital. We will also study the production of maps ? both print-based and digital ? by historians themselves. What new insights about the past can we gain by mapping it? How are innovations in cartographic technology changing the way historians think and write? In today?s interactive digital environments, where does the map end and history begin?

ISMT E-150 - Introduction to GIS

Fall 2017
Instructor(s)  Wendy Guan

This course introduces the concepts and components of a geographic information system (GIS). It also teaches the essential skills of spatial data management, analysis, and visualization through the use of the ArcGIS software package. Upon completion of this course, students understand the fundamental concepts of a GIS including spatial data models, spatial analysis, and cartographic principles.

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