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ESRI - Other

Harvard CGA provides access to a full range of ESRI products.

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online allows any Harvard affiliate to:

ESRI Community Analyst Online

Esri Community Analyst packages are now available online through interactive map applications, providing user friendly access to data on demographics and businesses in the USA. Community Analyst is focused on policy issues and enabling understanding of communities from social issues perspective.

ESRI Business Analyst Online

Business Analyst Online is intended for commercial audiences focused primarily on site selection. It is a lighter package than Business Analyst ArcGIS Extension for desktop use. It is available to Harvard Affiliates only.

ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise, the next evolution of the ArcGIS Server product line, is a full-featured mapping and analytics platform.

Esri CityEngine

Esri CityEngine is a stand-alone software product that provides professional users in architecture, urban planning, entertainment, simulation, GIS, and general 3D content production with a unique conceptual design and modeling solution for the efficient creation of 3D cities and buildings.

Esri Business Analyst for Desktop

This software provides access to a data package that includes business and shopping locations, and demographic, consumer spending, and market potential data for the United States. The data package requires an installation of ArcGIS Software to run.

GeoPlanner for ArcGIS Online

GeoPlanner is a web application for land-based planning and design.  With it, students can learn concepts like suitability modeling, scenario-based design, and spatial analysis.


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