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CGA Tools & Code

Below is a listing of GIS tools and code developed by the CGA team. Please feel free to contact us if you need help using them.

Geographic Location Finder

Click, drag, and drop the red marker on any location. The updated latitude, longitude coordinates of its location are displayed.

CGA GitHub Page

The CGA does a lot of open source software developement and most of the code is up on GitHub here.

GSaaS Platform Survey Support Materials

This page supports provide supporting materials for the paper:  "Evaluating the Current State of Geospatial Software as a Service Platforms: A Comparison Study", written by:

Batch Distance Calculation using Google Distance Matrix API

The python script is to batch calcualte the road distance (meters) and travel time (seconds) between paired locations (origin x/y and destination x/y) using Google Distance Matrix API.

HGL Desktop Tool for ArcMap

This tool is a free extension developed by CGA and the Harvard University Library Technology Services that allows Harvard ArcMap users to search the extensive holdings of the Harvard Geospatial Library (HGL) and acce

Geographic Position Finder

Use the CGA's Geographic Position Finder to get latitude and longitude coordinates for your work. You can click, drag, and drop a marker to view its latitude & longitude coordinates, good to six decimal places.

Time Snapshot Application

The TSA is an ArcGIS Extension developed by the CGA that allows the user to create an image series based on time attributes in a shapefile or feature class. It runs within ArcGIS, allowing the user to set custom symbology, and exports a series of .jpg or .png images.

Tracts to Text

The Tracts to Text Toolbox (TT-tool) is an ArcGIS Toolbox developed by the CGA that allows the user to select a State and extract its tracts number and all the adjacent tracts number. The result is saved as a text file.

Point Locate Tool

This tool is aimed to create a point feature class or shapefile, using a point location table containing direction and distance fields, and a reference point spatial dataset. This tool requires some familiarity with ArcMap.

Great Circle Distance Batch Calculator

This tool for ArcGIS version 10 allows for the input of an unlimited number of origin/destination latitude, longitude pairs in CSV format, and calculates the distance between the origin and destination for each pair using the


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