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Introduction to GIS for "Integrated Sustainable Design and Planning"

Guest lecture and mapping exercise given to  students in Harvard Extension School course E119 "Integrated Sustainable Design and Planning: from Buildings to Communities".  October 10, 2017.

Download the slides.

Download the mapping exercise.

Spatiotemporal Innovation Center

Everything happens in space and time. From natural disasters to human catastrophes; from public health to energy sustainability; from urban growth to food security; 21st-century challenges call for a deep understanding of how the phenomena are linked in space and time. Solutions to these grand challenging issues require trailblazing new thinking, methodology and tools, integrating natural sciences, social sciences, earth sciences and biosciences.

The Billion Object Platform (BOP)

With funding from the Sloan Foundation and Harvard Dataverse, the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) has developed a prototype spatio-temporal visualization platform dubbed "the BOP" (Billion Object Platform). The first goal of the BOP is to provide the Dataverse platform with an API-accessible big data exploration tool which can support streaming data.

Map Creation Exercise

Teaching students in "Mixed Methods in Global Health" class how to make a general reference map using QGIS software, Diva-GIS, and Natural Earth data.  Slides | Exercise

Cartography Lectures for GIS Courses

A guest lecture "Cartography Principles, Best Practices and Map Design" was given to students in GOV94DN "Mapping Social and Environmental Space" and GOV1009 "Advanced GIS".

Web Map Training for Ancestry Mapping

CGA provided training for teaching fellows in this course on enabling students to make a collaborative web map of individual ancestry using Google forms and ArcGIS Online.

Fairbank Center Alumni Mapping

This interactive map visualizes the Fairbank Center alumni across the world.

Introduction to GIS for students in: Integrated Sustainable Design and Planning: from Buildings to Communities

Introduction to GIS lecture and class mapping exercise for students in Harvard Extension School class "Integrated Sustainable Design and Planning: from Buildings to Communities".

Download the lecture and exercise.

Introduction to Global Positioning Systems

The CGA presented a guest lecture and demo on Global Positioning Systems to the Students of GOV 1008.


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