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Linked Places: Modeling Historical Movement

Investigator  Merrick Lex Berman

The Linked Places Project provides both a conceptual model and practical schema for "historical movement."   Building upon, and funded by a resource commons grant from Pelagios, (the Linked Open Data platform for historical places and historical collections), the Linked Places project seeks to define the fundemental entities and relationships for historical routes, journeys, itineraries, and flows of goods.

In practical terms, the Linked Places model will be able to capture information about specific journeys, the stopping points along the journey, and enable both mapping, linking references, and more detailed types of geospatial or semantic analysis.

This project springs from earlier work on ORBIS, a geospatial network of the Roman World, with the new objective of creating a simplified, generic, and open resource for describing and linking historical movements through time and space.


Karl Grossner   
Principal Investigator, Linked Places: Modeling Historical Movement
PhD Geography, UC Santa Barbara

Rainer Simon   -- download:  PDF of Presentation 
Senior Scientist at the Next-Generation Content Management Systems
AIT Austrian Inst of Technology

Lex Berman
Developer, Temporal Gazetteer  TGAZ
Web Services Manager, CGA

Grant Funding  Pelagios Resource Commons Grant (2016)