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CGA Research Consultation

The CGA provides technical services to researchers who have funding. In these cases, the researchers provide us with the base data or the idea and we perform the requested mapping or analysis and deliver the results with technical documentation. Please Contact the CGA with inquiries.

Browse some past projects in our research portfolio, or watch the projects slideshow.  As an IQSS member organization, CGA adheres to the IQSS Confidential Information Policy.

* Please note that CGA offers free GIS helpdesk for 30 minute to 1 hour consultations to those with a valid HUID. Additional work has a flat fee of $85/hr for Harvard affiliates. Payment must be from a Harvard account (33-digit code) or a personal account of a valid Harvard ID holder. Work paid for by external funding sources are $170/hr. Harvard users with insufficient funding, especially first time users of CGA services, are encouraged to talk to us for possible discounts. We strive to satisfy all service requests but projects with sufficient funding have priority when scheduling for CGA staff time.