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Political Geography GIS Workshop

Introduction to GIS lecture and lab for Gov. 2525 Political Geography Class.  Two 2 hour sessions taught in consecutive weeks.  Objectives of the exercise:

Mapping Genetic History for PBS Segment

Ben Lewis of the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis developed materials to geographically represent the genetic history of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., for the PBS documentary "African American Lives 2", segment "The Past Is Another Country" which was broadcast in 2008.


Spatiotemporal Innovation Center

Everything happens in space and time. From natural disasters to human catastrophes; from public health to energy sustainability; from urban growth to food security; 21st-century challenges call for a deep understanding of how the phenomena are linked in space and time. Solutions to these grand challenging issues require trailblazing new thinking, methodology and tools, integrating natural sciences, social sciences, earth sciences and biosciences.

The Billion Object Platform (BOP)

With funding from the Sloan Foundation and Harvard Dataverse, the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) has developed a prototype spatio-temporal visualization platform dubbed "the BOP" (Billion Object Platform). The first goal of the BOP is to provide the Dataverse platform with an API-accessible big data exploration tool which can support streaming data.

Spectrometry-derived Ecosystem Composition

Recent technological advances in remote sensing are moving terrestrial ecosystem monitoring beyond land cover change mapping, in the form of imaging spectrometry able to detect light intensity from tens to hundreds of contiguous spectral bands, providing more resolved information on ecosystem composition.

Cartography Lectures for GIS Courses

A guest lecture "Cartography Principles, Best Practices and Map Design" was given to students in GOV94DN "Mapping Social and Environmental Space" and GOV1009 "Advanced GIS".

Fairbank Center Alumni Mapping

This interactive map visualizes the Fairbank Center alumni across the world.

The Northern Sea Route Map

A map depicting the Northern Sea route boundary and ports in the Arctic was published in Arctic Yearbook 2016.

G. W. Skinner Regional Systems Analysis

An archive of the datasets developed for the Regional Systems Analysis laboratory, under the direction of G. William Skinner.

The core datasets, including GIS layers and tabular data, are being preserved in a repository on DataVerse.

The archived materials demonstrate the methodology of Skinner's Regional Systems Analysis, dealing with the Levels in Urban Hierarchy (LUH), Urban-Rural Continuum values (URC), and the delineation of Core Periphery Zones (CPZ).  


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