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Introduction to GIS for Mixed Methods in Global Health

Providing a lecture on GIS for the "Mixed Methods Research" CM82 course, a distance course taught by
HSPH to students at King Abdulaziz university in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Download the presentation slides.

Nepal Earthquake - Geographic Community Response

In response the 7.8 Magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal, we are gathering information for anyone interested in the response by the larger geospatial community.    This response falls into several categories, such as:   emergency mapping,  geographic information about the quake, publishing and distribution of geographic datasets and imagery for analysis.   We will provide links to the main resources in these categories and also try to outline the current steps being taken within the CGA and the Harvard community on this webpage.  


Amazon Basin Spatial Database Creation

To support health and environment related research, CGA is compiling an extensive GIS database of the Amazon region.  Layers compiled include hydrography, land cover, mineral deposits, dams, biomes, roads, railroads, and municipal boundaries.

Mapping for a Cosmetic Enhancement Study

Maps on Top:  Choropleth maps  by US region were made showing Botox and Total cosmetic procedures from data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Map on bottom: Businesses offering cosmetic procedures were mapped for Boston and Seattle.  Both maps made for the Body Image Community Indicators Mapping Project: A Pilot Study of Beauty Industry Spatial Concentration and Viable Regulatory Responses to Protect the Health of Youth. 

Mapping Fracking Workshop taught for Harvard School of Public Health

The CGA taught a 2.5 day workshop on various ways to use GIS and mapping to help understand the effects of fracking on the environment and humans.  Organized in conjunction with the HSPH, the workshop attendees included researchers and policy makers from across the U.S.

Green Space and BMI in Cairo, Egypt

Green space, average body mass index (BMI), and other characteristics were mapped by neighborhood for Cairo, Egypt.

Great circle distance and route calculations

Great circle routes and distances were calculated from Boston to various cities.

Boston Youth Violence Study

CGA aided the research team in geocoding teen addresses, obtaining census data, and creating clusters out of the data.

Uganda Administrative Boundary Processing

These boundaries were aggregated for use in SAS statistical software.

Health Study - Food Access

An 800 m buffer was generated around the study area, and grocery stores from 2009, 2008, and 2007 were extracted from Esri Business Analyst.


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