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Harvard Medical School

Map Creation Exercise

Teaching students in "Mixed Methods in Global Health" class how to make a general reference map using QGIS software, Diva-GIS, and Natural Earth data.  Slides | Exercise

GIS Training for Global Health Students

Provided introduction to GIS lecture and hands on QGIS training for gobal health Students.  Download the: Slides | Training Exercise

Geocoding and Network Analysis for Population Health Management Evaluation

Geocoding 1.5 million patients’ addresses, and calculate the shortest road distance between patients and hospitals.

Network Analysis and Mapping for HIV Mobile Testing Sites in South Africa

In support of research for the Harvard Center for AIDS Research and scholars at Massachusetts General Hospital, the CGA performed Network Analysis between people being tested for HIV and Moblie testing sites.  We also provided mapping for the publication.

Child Activity Study

To suppor the NIH study "Use of the built environment to promote physical activity in children" directed by Dr. Nicolas Oreskovic, the CGA processed GPS and accelerometer data, and mapped the results into the land use types of home, school, parks/playgrounds, street, and other. 

Fast Food Restaurants in Hospitals

Fast food restaurants for the U.S. were extracted from the ESRI Business Analyst dataset, and overlaid with hospital locations. Hospitals with fast food restaurants in them were identified, and the distance from each hospital to the nearest fast food was calculated.

Suburban Massachusetts Restaurant Mapping

Restaurant locations within a 1 mile buffer around the MA towns of Framingham, Ashland, and Holliston were extracted using ESRI Business Analyst, for a Public Health study.

Bioptic Driving Study

 This study evaluated the driving habits of patients fitted with special bioptic eyeglasses, video cameras, and GPS in their vehicles. CGA helped overlay the raw data on Google Earth, and generated latitude, longitude coordinates for all road intersections in New England.

Calculating driving distances between nursing homes and hospitals in NY

This study examines the predictors and implications of hospitalizations to nursing homes in New York State. Among many other predictors, the CGA takes responsibility for geographical distance calculation between nursing homes and hospital facilities.

For this project the CGA geocoded the addresses of hospitals and nursing homes, and then performed network analysis to calculate driving distances between nursing homes and hospitals.


Sea Level Change with Global Warming

The animation below (click on the image to see the effect) shows the potential change in sea level with global warming, and the impact that would have on coastal morphology. The animation begins at current sea level, and progresses to 1 meter rise, through 3, 6, 9, and finally to a 12 meter rise in sea level.


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