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10 Years of Business and Mapping

The Harvard Business School's Baker Research Services and Center for Geographic Analysis share a strong cross center collaboration.   This relationship was initiated by Sarah Ericksen, who reached out to CGA for mapping services nearly 10 years ago. 

This map showcases a few of the numerous mapping projects performed for various HBS faculty resulting from this BRS/CGA kinship, and is meant to serve as a commemorative tribute to Sarah, who is retiring in June of 2016. Scroll down to view locations and map samples that are the fruit of this relationship. 

Harshna Naturals Business Case Map

A map of Kashmir showing the line of control, national boundaries, topography, roads, and apple growing districts was created, along with pictures of the people and natural landscape of Kashmir.

Buffer Analysis for Data Development - Mobile Money in Kenya and Uganda

In support of research by Harvard Business School Researchers, the CGA performed buffer analysis to develop variables.  Using Python programming, several analyses were performed in Kenya and Uganda around mobile money agent GPS data.  WorldPOP data were also processed.

U.S Cluster Mapping

The U.S Cluster Mapping is a web mapping prototype made for the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at the Harvard Business School, to display groups of interconnected companies, universities, and related institutions that arise out of linkages or externalities across industries.

Map creation for a Harvard Business School business case

Maps were created for a business case study for a hospital company that performs cataract surgery that is trying to select sites, and determine a ratio of hospital to diagnostic center distribution in Mexico City.

Patent source and destination maps

Maps showing patent production zip code origin and destination for the San Francisco area were produced. Arrows were added to visualize these.

Map creation for Business Case publication

Maps were created of Kibera, Kenya, and Gujarat, India for business case publications.

Global Data Visualization (GDV)

CGA worked with Professor Geoffrey Jones and Carla Tishler of the Harvard Business School to provide mapping for a web-based system for visualizing global historical trade phenomena on a map. This project was undertaken to explore techniques for using GIS and animation technology to enhance classroom materials for a course at the Harvard Business School entitled Entrepreneurship and Global Capitalism.

Grass-Fed Beef

Address locations of public comments submitted to the US Department of Agriculture in regards to responding to two different sets of proposed regulatory standards for specialty meat labels – Grass-Fed and Naturally Raised - were geocoded to visually depict this phenomenon.

Beef Plant and Feedlot Maps

A map showing beef plant and feedlot locations was made for slide presentations.


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