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Mapping and Analysis for the Milwaukee Area Renters Study

The Milwaukee Area Renters Study led by principal investigator Matthew Desmond, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Studies at Harvard, collects survey data on ~1,000 people renting property.  Detailed demographic information and details on housing conditions, tenant behavior, landlord policies and more are collected and analyzed.  CGA has made many maps and analyses for this project.

Congo basemap scanning and digitizing training

Training was provided on scanning, georeferencing, and digitizing to enable the researcher to map detailed village and road locations for the Congo.

Climate Maps for Russia

Temperature (shown above) and precipitation data was linked to maps of Russian administrative states and displayed thematically.

History of Art and Architecture 194W: World Fairs

Supported interactive mapping for the study of the social and political dimensions of World Fairs.

Science of the Physical Universe 26: Primitive Navigation

Supported course in comparison of modern GPS and mapping technology with ancient and primitive navigation methods.

Congo Basemap

Organizing and assembling numerous human and physical geographic datasets for a basemap of the Congo, DRC.

Rwanda Resource Disparity Mapping

This project analyzed educational disparities in Rwandan states. CGA helped with mapping initial asset lists to the Rwanda states, and ArcMap guidance.

18th Century New England Maps

CGA made maps for a doctoral dissertation on Native Americans in New England in the 18th century.

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