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CGA's Dynamic Map Service Layers

Maps of U.S. Counties, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, and Congressional Districts are published by the CGA as consumable map layers.

Rendering polygon labels dynamically on a web map can be acheived by using an ArcMap .mxd document and ArcGIS Server 10 software. The .mxd is set up to display the symbology and labels, and is published as an Esri Dynamic Map Service Layer using ArcGIS Server 10.

The 3 maps linked to below will render polygon labels consistently at all zoom scales in 8 pt. Arial bold font with a 1 point white halo mask. Labels will not overlap polygon boundaries, and one label per polygon will be rendered. The map layers are available for anyone to add to their web map application (just view and copy the well-documented page source).

U.S. County Boundaries (2010)

U.S. Congressional District Boundaries (2010)

U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Area Boundaries