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Cartography in ArcMap - Making a Basic Country Map

Author(s)  Jeff Blossom, CGA
May, 2014

Walks the user through making a map layout with a primary map, vicinity map, scale bar, north arrow, legend, picture, custom symbols, and splined text

Quantified Self-City-Nation at The Programmable City Launch Event, Ireland

Author(s)  Matthew W. Wilson,
May, 2014

New devices and techniques have emerged to better quantify an individual’s movement, stasis, and even sleep, while a ‘smart city’ discourse and marketing apparatus applies these principles to analysis, representation, and management of the city.

CGA's Haiti Earthquake Response

Author(s)  Jeff Blossom
October, 2011

Guest lecture and hands on lab "Geo-referencing topographic maps and digitizing" for the Harvard Graduate School of Design class "Design and Disaster Development"

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